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cutting using a cut off saw

Guardian Roof Tile Jig


The Roof Tile Jig allows you to cut single roof tiles easily, accurately, and quickly. The Jig lets you control the cut you make through the roof tile.

You will be able to minimise wastage by being able to make a straight cut and for example cut vertically, horizontally and at valley angles and ensure minimal wastage.

The Roof Tile Jig can be used with any manufacturer’s petrol or battery powered cut-off machine designed for and fitted with a suitable 9” (225mm),12” (300mm) or 14” (350mm) cutting wheel

Cutting Roof Tiles Safely
  • Holds roof tiles secure and stable

  • Does not change the way the tiles are cut

  • Cuts any size roof tile including ridge tiles

  • Easy to cut by simply following the cutting guide

  • Enables the user to cut wet and therefore comply with COSHH Regulations2002

  • Improved safety for operator because the blade is kept straight and away from the foot

  • Better accuracy as the position of the cut is set at the start for that series of cuts

  • Saves time over a series of cuts and ultimately saves money

  • Can be used with any cut-off machine including battery models

Cutting Roof Tiles square and at an angle


cutting roof tiles
cutting roof tiles with a disc cutter
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