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cutting using a cut off saw


using a disc cutter cut off saw

For many who work within construction, the cut-off machine is a valuable tool, but often challenging, and exposes the user to unavoidable risk. The traditional practice to secure and stabilise smaller materials whilst cutting is to stand on it, however, this brings your foot closer to the cutting blade and creates a significant risk of a serious accident. Furthermore, the suppression of silica dust by adding water makes for a more difficult and less accurate cut whilst trying to follow a quickly disappearing line. With the possibility of life-changing injury or illness occurring from these common practices, the Construction Industry has always had to address the cutting of materials when using a cut-off saw.

In response to these important issues, Guardian tools have, and continue, to work closely not only with Stihl and their cut-off machines, but with a range of trades, contractors, and organisations across the construction industry. As a result of this, we have been able to gain an in-depth understanding of how cut-off machines can be supported to improve the key roles they have on a construction site.

The accessories developed by Guardian Tools, do not change the way of working, but simply replace the need for an individual to stand on the materials, and provide the user with an edge to follow when cutting. This, in turn, helps to improve the ease of use of the cut-off saw and therefore safety, whilst reducing overall cutting time.

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