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Guardian Slab Cutting Guide 1200


The Guardian Slab Cutting Guide is an innovative device that locks simply and quickly on to a paving slab, allowing you to make a safe and accurate straight cut through the slab in exactly the place you want it. Constructed from sturdy stainless steel the versatility of the Slab Cutting Guide will save time, improve accuracy, and ensure safer practice when cutting paving slabs or natural stone.

Cut the same way you always have, but now it’s easier to follow an edge not try to follow a line.

The Slab Cutting Guide is suitable for infrastructure services and the professional hard landscaper who wants to cut paving slabs with any manufacturer’s petrol or battery powered cut-off machine designed for and fitted with a suitable 9” (225mm),12” (300mm) or 14” (350mm) cutting wheel

cutting large slabs

1200 Cutting Range

Minimum length of cut – 210mm

Maximum length of cut – 1255mm

Minimum slab thickness – 25mm

Maximum slab thickness – 85mm

  • Attached in seconds  

  • Focus on cutting NOT following a line

  • Cut with the same technique, just follow the edge

  • Avoids wastage

  • Simple for anyone to do professional cuts

  • Works consistently time after time

  • Makes it easy to make wet-cuts and comply with COSHH Regulations 2002

Type of cuts

how to cut a paving slab