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            Cut-Off Saw Training

Cut-Off Saw (COS) Training is the understanding of how to check, set up and safely operate the machine

Train the Trainer

Two day training course for trainers and tutors to learn the full knowledge of the manufacturers safe use of cut-off saws and meet the standards required to deliver the NOCN Operators Certificate.

Operator Training accredited by
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Training course for operators to complete the NOCN certificate ‘Safe Use of Cut-Off Saws including Abrasive Wheels

The NOCN 'Safe Use of Cut-Off Saws including Abrasive Wheels' course is a certificate for operators showing they have been trained in the use a Cut-Off Saw. The certificate is valid for 5-years

The Trainer and Operator COS-Training Courses include:

The STIHL Train the Trainer teaches classroom training and practical use of the machines to give a manufactures understanding of how to use a Cut-Off Saw safely. The certificate is valid for 5-years.

  • Health and Safety click here...

  • Abrasive wheel and diamond blade training

  • Cut Off Saw pre-user checks

  • Practical training on setting up and preparing to use a Cut-Off Saw

  • Practical training on techniques when using a Cut-Off Saw

  • Things to do and things to avoid when using a Cut-Off Saw

  •  Practical help from manufacturers

  •  The Use of Accessories, Battery Cut-Off Saw and the STIHL TS440

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