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cutting using a cut off saw

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Guardian Wall Cutting Guide 2100

$175.00 +TAX

The Guardian Wall Cutting Guide makes it easier and safer when cutting into existing structures, for opening existing cavities or cutting out new window or door openings.

The Wall Cutting Guide can be used to set a cutting line for cutting new openings for doors and windows and for setting the cuts to open up existing cavity walls or the cut a straight vertical damp-proofing using a cut-off saw.


The Wall Cutting Guide is suitable for professional builders using with any manufacturer’s petrol or battery powered cut-off machine designed for and fitted with a suitable 9” (225mm),12” (300mm) or 14” (350mm) cutting wheel

opening up a cavity wall
  • Attached in seconds  

  • Ensures a perfectly straight cut for new openings for doors and windows

  • Set up for cuts for opening cavity walls and cutting new vertical DPC

  • Focus on cutting NOT following a line

  • Avoids costly mistakes

  • Simple for anyone to do professional cuts

  • Works consistently

  • Makes it easy to cut wet and comply with COSHH Regulations 2002

wall cutting guide

Range of Cut

Cut up to 82 inch in length and make

two parallel cuts 4 inch apart without the need to remove and re-position the Guide.

$175.00 +TAX

how to make a straight cut in brickwork
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