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cutting using a cut off saw

Using the Brick Jigs lets you to cut single bricks or a quantity of bricks easily, accurately, and quickly. The Brick Jigs allows you to control the cut you make, partially or completely through the bricks.

You will reduce your risk and minimise wastage by being able to make a straight cut and, for example to be able to cut bricks in half and ensure that both halves can be used.

The Brick Jig can be used with any cut-off machine designed for and fitted with a suitable 12” (300mm) or 14” (350mm) cutting wheel.

Guardian Brick Jig - Large

    • Holds bricks secure and stable

    • Does not change the way you cut the bricks

    • Easy to cut by following the cutting guide

    • Easier to cut wet and comply with COSHH regulations

    • Improves your safety keeping the blade straight and away from your feet

    • Better accuracy through the repeat position of the cut for a series of cuts

    • Saves time over a series of cuts and ultimately saves money

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