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cutting using a cut off saw

Jigs and Guides

for hand held

cut-off machines

Construction is always addressing cutting material with a Hand-held Cut-Off Machine (Disc Cutter). Holding material securely, and adding water suppression for silica dust, are essential but often challenging, exposing operators to unavoidable risk. In response to these issues, Guardian Tools have worked with trades that use the machines and supply a range of Cut-Off Machine accessories

cutting bricks using jig

Guardian Brick Jig Small

Holds up to 4* bricks securely

cutting bricks using a disc cutter

Guardian Brick Jig Large

Holds up to 8* bricks securely

cutting roof tiles using jig

Guardian Roof Tile Jig

Hold roof tiles securely

slab cutting guide

Slab Cutting Guide 900

Cut square or any angle, 91cm cut

cutting paving slabs using a cut off saw

Slab Cutting Guide 1200

Cut square or any angle, 125cm cut

cutting cavity using a disc cutter

Guardian Wall Cutting Guide

Extends to cut up to 210cm


We have looked at the Jig with different types of tiles, including ridge tiles. We can see the benefits of the Jig from both the safety and time-saving aspects and are looking to include this innovative and practical tool with our teams for everyday use

Jason Wright,

Managing Director at J Wright Roofing Ltd. UK

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